Benchscape Landscaping

Scope: Landscape Design, Outdoor Structures
Location: Beamsville, ON

Situated on the 4-acre site halfway up the escarpment on the Beamsville Bench, Benchscape is a contemporary open concept two-storey house, which organically harmonizes with its environment.  The custom residence was designed with the clients’ vision.  It complements the natural surrounding landscape and has been developed to create defined yet flowing spaces.

The materials of the house have been chosen to reflect the environment and create a union between the interior and exterior.  Natural materials have been used in both the exterior and the interior, such as wood, cork and stone.

Nature has been celebrated rather than dominated. An herb garden was created in the front of the property.  Its wooden enclosures are situated to create pathways in and around the garden with built in seating to enjoy the space. A bubble rock creates a focal point and a sensory experience.

The landscaping surrounding the house seems original and untouched in its composition, as it appears to naturally grow around the house.  Granite water features are integrated into the exterior and interior.

The rear grounds, which slope down towards the north, are terraced with armour stone. Both evergreen trees and deciduous trees fill the varied areas with mass shrub plantings.  Many trees have LED up lighting for accent and path steps are illuminated. There is a gravel path that loops around the north gardens. The north and west portions are flanked with locust trees.

Each of 5 key areas are identified in custom made signs.

A central stepped flagstone path leads down to a gazebo on the north fronted with a circular rose garden. Steps are all illuminated. The gazebo has lighting and cushioned bench and table with a flagstone patio in front.

A casual path of mulch takes you around to the west to a small patio area with Muskoka chairs.

A second stepped flagstone path leads down northeast to a trellised arbour with seating and a gas fire pit in black granite. These steps are illuminated with LED lighting.

The path then leads to an insulated potting shed where timers are located for garden lights and irrigation. The shed leads to a fenced-in vegetable garden of raised planters.  Water is provided here.

Berms and conifers provide visual privacy from Mountain Road on the east.

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