City of Port Colborne Municipal Offices

Port Colborne City Hall interiors had not been updated since its construction many years ago and had become somewhat disorganized as time went by and as needs and usage changed.


The nautical theme was outdated, finishes and furniture were worn, and
staff needs and working relationships had changed. Our challenge was to
improve the aesthetics of the space with new finishes and furnishings and
redevelop the space plan for more efficiency.  Our designers met with staff
to understand the function of the spaces and the relationships and needs of
staff and visitors. We developed interior design and finish concepts with
sketches, drawings and other visualization materials, including floor plans,
reflected ceiling plans and elevations. Better control of access between
staff and citizens was provided.  Subtle design and colours still connect in
an innovative way to the nautical theme. We designed a new Council
Chamber desk and provided new furniture and divider specifications.
When the preliminary plans were approved after meetings with staff, we
teamed with required engineering firms and prepared final construction
permit drawings for three floors of the building.