In Condominiums and Hotel Design, the designer creates safe inviting public spaces, such as lobbies, corridors, club rooms, exercise rooms, washrooms, etc. Designers can also create interior design and space plans for rooms or suites.


Realstar Management

Scope: Condominium Interior Design Update to Public Spaces
Location: St. Catharines, ON

Realstar Management is in the process of updating the condominium interior design of public spaces and lobbies of their buildings to showcase a more contemporary aesthetic. In addition to the public spaces, the company wanted to design the layout of the condominium suites to eliminate the galley kitchen and allow the main living areas to be open concept.

Realstar Management is one of the largest owners/managers of rental properties in Canada. In the Niagara Region alone, the company manages approximately 15 residential buildings.

Other properties we’ve designed interiors for Realstar Management:

  • St. Lawrence Village
  • Regency Towers
  • Hillcrest Terrace