One of the biggest arenas for designers is residential design, or the interiors of spaces in which people live. This can include houses, apartments, condos, and anywhere else where people reside. Being comfortable at home is essential now, and in this sense the intervention of an interior designer who collaborates with you will help you plan spaces, thinking of how you live and what you need. How can we help you?

The design of your home shouldn’t revolve solely on aesthetics. Your home should be designed based on lifestyle, specific goals and what makes you feel most comfortable. The design process with our clients is a collaborative one. We create a floor plan that encompasses your wish list and work together until we’ve reached a final layout. We then begin the sourcing process from selecting materials, lighting and furniture while also designing certain elements such as cabinets and architectural details. At the end of the process, you will have a set of drawings that will allow a contractor to quote your renovation. We can’t wait to start a new project with you!



Rosslyn Ave Residence

Scope: Addition, Renovation, Landscape Design
Location: Burlington, ON

This mid 60’s side split home in Burlington needed an update and addition onto the existing footprint. The primary challenge for the exterior was to create a contemporary design that would blend in with a mature neighborhood dominated by traditional architecture. The front foyer and garage were both extended outward. This allowed the entrance to have more prominence and scale. The landscaping was designed to reflect the natural elements of the home.

The entry level of the home was completely redesigned with an open concept. This included the foyer, living room, dining area and kitchen. The front foyer presents a reflection on the open concept interior that follows. A double-sided fireplace separates the living room and dining room, but provides a view to the back of the home. The 14’-0’ island that centers the kitchen is finished with white quartz that compliments the cabinets.

The existing backyard was renovated using flagstones, which terrace up to the gazebo for a dining area completed with a fireplace and outdoor kitchen that overlooks the pool.  All grass was replaced with gardens and pavers.  A waterfall was added to the edge of the swimming pool and a Jacuzzi was concealed in the landscaping.