Attraction design is the creation of themed environments for entertainment facilities.   We enjoy this type of challenge as it requires creative out-of-the-box thinking.  During over 45 years in the design business, we have created many themed environments, from mini putt courses to wax museum displays.  Retail stores can be themed as well.  You will find recent projects illustrated below.  If you have a project that requires a unique design solution, contact us.

Sherkston Shores Water Park

Scope: New Build
Location: Sherkston Shores Resort

Beyond the new building housing the arcade, restaurant, bars, coffee shop, live entertainment and outdoor patios were swimming pools and waterslides.  A new water park was required as an extension to the outdoor water entertainment area.  A large splash pad was designed with activity structures that spewed water, fired random water jets and a bucket that tipped over as it was filled surprising those playing below.  This pad was designed for all ages to play safely while parents comfortably sat around the pad in lounges.