Attraction design is the creation of themed environments for entertainment facilities.   We enjoy this type of challenge as it requires creative out-of-the-box thinking.  During over 45 years in the design business, we have created many themed environments, from mini putt courses to wax museum displays.  Retail stores can be themed as well.  You will find recent projects illustrated below.  If you have a project that requires a unique design solution, contact us.

Titanic Experience

Scope: New Build
Location: Niagara Falls
Opening Date: Spring 2018

This project evolved over a couple of years.  The interior design of the exhibit was completed for one location that later became unavailable.  Several locations were investigated as alternates.  Eventually an exciting location was found and a decision was made to purchase the property and construct a building for the attraction.

A new themed building design allowed for other exhibits and offices to be incorporated.

To allow for the building to be instantly recognizable and to be seen from afar, the bow of the Titanic was added to the front and four funnels to the top.  The attraction was revised to fill two floors and the administration was located on the 3rd floor.  Additional space is included at the rear for other future attractions.

After a five year cycle or when a decision is made to replace the attraction, changes to the building façade and roof structures can be made to reflect new themed exhibits and attractions.

My company reached out to Lex Parker Design Consultants approximately 20 years ago to develop construction drawings for an exhibition that was built in Niagara Falls.
My experience with Lex and his team was very positive that I reached out to them once again for a new exhibit. My company is proposing a permanent structure in Niagara Falls, which will be a Titanic museum attraction. Lex and his team will be the lead designers for the project which will involve designing the interiors, including galleries and sets and the exterior of the building.
Lex and his team always rise to a challenge with creativity and produce results in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Lex Parker Design Consultants for projects where you want originality and unique solutions.

David Van Velzen- The Titanic Project Inc.