The Thorold Chiropractic Centre located in St. Catharines, Ontario, is one of many projects we have been a part of where space planning specifically was crucial to the design development of the space. With wellness and holistic health as their primary focus, they wanted to incorporate this approach into their new space to enhance the health and wellbeing of their staff as well as their clients. Our designers began this project by doing a walkthrough evaluation of their existing space, seeing what worked and what areas needed improvement to maximize efficiency within their company. Obtaining firsthand experience of how people use space is essential to the design process as it acts as a guideline for designers to efficiently put together a plan that works for both its employees and clients. Once they established the key areas in the space, the next priority was how those spaces would flow together and create a sense of unity through their new office. By locating the primary physician’s office in the center of the space, it allowed for quick access to and from each exam room as everything flowed in a circular motion, maximizing efficiency within their workdays.


By taking a look at the initial proposals, you can see how the design was carefully molded into the final concept. Through research and development, the space and design were formed by exploring all possibilities that would work with the requested wish list and needs from the client. The final design encompasses all of these characteristics and delivers them in a clean, cohesive look for the Thorold Chiropractic Centre’s new location.