The obvious advantage to landscape lighting is the enhancement to your home’s appearance.  With the variety of fixtures available, you can highlight features in several ways enhancing both your house and the landscaping. There are three basic reasons to illuminate the exterior of your home:

1 Appearance

Illuminate and highlight features from plantings to structures. Planning the lighting thoughtfully will enhance the yard and architectural features making the scene welcoming and warm. Lighting will add dramatic effects throughout. Keep in mind our winter conditions where lighting can be very effective on snow covered areas. Finally, the curb appeal will add value to your home.

2 Functionality

Extend the hours to enjoy outdoor living. Wouldn’t it be nice to extend your outdoor time enjoying your deck or patio? Decks and patios can be illuminated by fixtures mounted high on the house providing large overall brightness to those areas to enjoy late night dining. Low level lighting mounted on the deck or patio structure will provide more dramatic detailed effects. Lighting can be controlled to turn on automatically using timers; some timers can even adjust to the changing time of sunset and allow you to preset turning off. Solar fixtures require no wiring and can provide all night lighting turning on as daylight diminishes.

3 Security and Safety

Illuminated gardens and structures make your home less of a target for vandalism or theft. Family and friends benefit from the safety provided by lighting along pathways and driveways . Illumination will identify dangerous features such as stairs, curbs, pool and any drop-off. Lighting can also lead you safely to your home entrances or through the gardens adding a dramatic effect.


Lex Parker and his design team can light up your life and add value to your home.  Contact us for a free consultation. We are not only experienced in lighting design for interiors but as landscape designers, we can apply the most recent lighting innovations to your exteriors as well.

“Fall and winter is the time to plan for outdoor changes to be implemented in the spring. It takes time to do the planning and light fixtures often have a long delivery time.”

ANNOUNCEMENT - January 1, 2024

 After fifty-five years operating their interior design business, Lex and Susan Parker have decided to retire.  They would like to thank all the people who have supported them over the years and for the opportunity to work on many exciting and diverse projects.
Megan Pachnosky, who has been the senior interior designer, is starting her own design practice, MEG TAYLOR DESIGN CO.   Megan will be pleased to discuss your proposed project with you, continuing creative and professional design as she has done while working for this design firm. Lex will be available as consultant on selected projects.
Contact Megan at 905-641-2112
We wish Megan success in her new venture.

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